Firearm Sales In Virginia Have SKYROCKETED After Dems Vow More Gun Control

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 19, 2020
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With the predictability of day following night, of dinosaur news networks showing leftist bias, of Elizabeth Warren dropping identity politics into one of her insufferably patronizing, pace-the-platform monologues, a new report confirms that, once more, gun-grab pushers have inspired a spike in firearms sales.

This time, it’s in Virginia.

The state that was home to James Madison, the AUTHOR OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT. The state with “Sic Semper Tyrannis” for its state motto -- a motto literally meaning, “Thus Always to Tyrants” – something Brutus supposedly said to Julius Caesar when he shivved him and which is taken to mean, “Death to Tyrants,” and something that is, literally, embedded in the ground at the VA Capitol.

That Capitol is, of course, now under complete control by kindly, peace-loving Democrats who, since they won the elections in November, have filed nearly as many anti-firearms-rights bills as the Empire State Building has floors.

And who could blame those kind, unthreatening people like Ralph “Blackface” Northam for wanting to make it more difficult for peacefully-minded residents to get firearms to defend themselves? Everyone knows such moves don’t inspire criminally-minded people to keep getting guns black-market because they’re already intent on breaking the law and their prey will be disarmed.

So it sure must be shocking for those leftists in Richmond and all over the U.S. to know that, as Fox5 DC reports, gun sales in Virginia have exploded over the last few months, compared to last year.

In December 2018, for instance, there were about 53,000 firearm background checks run in Virginia. But this past December, the number ballooned to nearly 77,000 background checks, an increase of about 45 percent.

And gun store owners explain why more people are buying:

Business has been absolutely crazy,’ explained Jerry Rapp, owner of SpecDive Tactical in Alexandria. Rapp said business has increased by 200 to 300 percent since the last election, although that doesn’t mean the news is all good for the gun shop owner and his customers. ‘People are really on edge. They’re worried about their Second Amendment rights. They’re worried about the future of what you can and cannot have as a firearm.

They should be.

Last week, the Virginia Assembly passed a ban on civilian firearms in the statehouse, a flagrantly unconstitutional move that will leave people less safe, not safer. It would be different if this were a private house, where the property owner could decide how he or she wanted to admit visitors. But this is the building literally run on tax dollars, now standing on a hill as if a giant insult to those very tax-slaves, as if filled with royal courtesans who are laughing, mocking, spitting on the serfs and telling them the feel of warm saliva is oh-so good for them.

Meanwhile, the lefty politicians inside will have armed guards for their own protection.

How about they fire their tax-funded guards and simply hang “gun free zone” signs on the doors?

The gun-buyers in Virginia aren’t so sanguine as to believe they’re going to be made safer by these government threats against their inherent right to self-defense. In fact, Jake Roberson, a customer at SpecDive, observed something important about the politicians:

If they’re willing to make laws that will strip your second amendment right, I mean who’s to say what could happen, so yeah, I’m gonna get it while I can.

And, from the seller’s standpoint, Rapp noted:

Profitability-wise it’s been great but at some point that’s going to stop. And stop means that either everything has gone back to kind of the same as where we were or that it’s going to be stopped and my business could be effected completely where I could be out of business.

That means armed government agents being ordered to muscle into a shop where people are peacefully engaging in commerce that harms absolutely no one, trading money for items that cannot be said to have offensive intent, items more often used for defense than for engaging in crimes, ITEMS TO WHICH HUMANS HAVE AN INHERENT RIGHT. We’re talking about jack-booted agents of the state using guns to threaten and shut down an entire business supporting clients’ God-given right to protect themselves against the very politicians and agents of the state who will threaten them.

If that doesn’t show the immediacy of this situation and help the left understand why people are flocking to gun stores nothing else will.

But Virginians know. They saw how Ralph Northam’s announcement of his “State of Emergency” prohibiting firearms on the state capitol completely contradicts Amendment Two of the US Constitution. They saw the utter lack of journalistic ethics when sheepish reporters never asked the Governor how he can reconcile his oath to the US Constitution with his new, unilateral slaughter of his oath.

They saw how no so-called “reporter” at the event or subsequent police “briefings” asked any of the VA “law-enforcement” agents which side THEY would choose: their oaths to the Constitution and to basic human rights, or their paychecks and the flagrantly unconstitutional diktats of the Governor.

They can look at the VA Statehouse now and see that it’s more reminiscent of Checkpoint Charlie in East Berlin than the building Thomas Jefferson designed.

And we all can see that, at this moment in history, we hold the principles and rights of our forebears and our descendants in our hands.

Like us, these VA gun-buyers know that the only way they can truly defend those principles is by holding a gun for self-defense.

Every human has his or her own agency.

Every single person must decide, right now, on which side he or she will stand. The gun-buyers in Virginia have chosen, and the sales stats show it.

Thanks to the threats from gun-grabbers, more civilians are armed. Because the gun-buyers recognize principles.

And they recognize threats when they see them.