Fire Victims IRATE As CA's Newsom & Sen. Harris 'Trespass' For Political Photo-Op

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 18, 2020
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An Auberry, CA, family that lost their home in recent wildfires is letting the world know they are angry, hurt, and will not be silenced in their efforts to inform people that California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) and CA Senator Kamala Harris (D) trespassed on their property in order to exploit the burn site for a political publicity photo-op.

Fox26 TV reporter Marie Edinger notes:

An Auberry family says California Governor Gavin Newsom and vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris trespassed during their tour of Creek Fire damage.

This, a photo-op which Newsom used September 15 to Tweet the mystical nonsense, “Climate Change is real”, without, of course, offering any viable supportive information (because he can’t, because there isn’t any) that anthropogenic climate change is anything more than politically manipulated data sets, and that, even if there WERE man-made global warming – sorry, climate change – it’s unethical to claim that any fire, let alone the CA fires, are connected to his bogeyman.

In fact, as Anthony Watts noted on September 16:

Using satellite technology, NASA determined that between 2003 and 2019, global fires have dropped by roughly 25 percent. This makes the ‘climate change is worsening wildfires’ argument completely moot.

Don’t expect Gavin or Kamala to Tweet the above info and link any time soon.



As Edinger notes, Trampas Patten, the son of the homeowners, says the home was used for a photo op.

'What has me really frustrated right now is the fact that these two politicians used my parents loss for a photo opportunity to push their political agenda! Political party wouldn’t have made a difference in this moment. Decent human beings that have character and class, wouldn’t air someone else’s misfortune on national television!' Trampas wrote in a Facebook post.

And Patten also explained that his parents never gave Harris or Newsom permission to step onto their property.

Writes Edinger:

His sister, Bailee Patten, adds that her family hasn't even had to opportunity to visit the home themselves.

‘When we saw those photos, it was - there aren't words, because it's like, we haven't even seen our house. We haven't seen our property. There is no house, we haven't even seen our property.’

That’s because the government has the land under an “evacuation order”, so, of course, not only is their property off limits, so, also, is the US Constitution (which doesn’t allow government to forcibly “evacuate” anyone from their private property).

The sight of Newsom and Harris traipsing onto this charred land is illustrative of their complete contempt for private property, and it indicates a few other things. It indicates that they seem to apply the same view they hold about people’s earnings and their businesses – which they have shut down or derided for wanting to stay open, have taxed and “regulated”, and have dismissed as mere pawns of the state – as they do about to a burned private home when they think it helps them retain or gain power.

No apologies, no retreat. Full-on aggressive disrespect.

Meanwhile, as I have noted previously, the claims of federal and state control over lands in California, and the concomitant mismanagement of the land and the use of it as rental space for Pacific Gas and Electric power lines which are proven causes of fires? Those points won’t appear in any photo-ops or Tweets from Newsom or Harris.

The core and majority of PG&E’s power lines run above government owned and mismanaged land. As many commentators have observed, the lack of private property ownership, control, and real liability for management of land has led to a shocking history of fires in California and elsewhere in the US. The government won’t go out of business if it causes damage to other peoples’ property through the mismanagement of land it claims as its own.

And it’s a sure thing that Newsom and Harris not only won’t apologize for trespassing on the land, they won’t be held liable for the decisions they’ve made that have already put businesses, homes, and livelihoods in danger or left them in ruins.