Fiorina Slams Clinton: ‘You Can’t Wipe a Server with a Towel’

Monica Sanchez | January 14, 2016
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Image via Twitter

During the Fox Business Republican debate Thursday night, GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina slammed Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton for acting oblivious about her private email server. 

On the subject of technological innovation, the former Hewlett Packard CEO said that we need a president knowledgable of technology, something Clinton has clearly demonstrated she is not. 

"I come from the technology industry and I can tell you, there is one thing that bureaucracies don't know how to do, they do not know how to innovate," said Fiorina. "There's some very specific things that we should ask the private sector to help us with, including making sure we have the latest and greatest algorithms to search through all these databases so we can find terrorists before they attack us, not after it's too late."

"We need a president who understands technology in the Oval Office," she added.

“And Mrs. Clinton, actually, you cannot wipe a server with a towel,” Fiorina fired.

Back in August, Clinton held a presser in New York where she fielded questions from reporters about her campaign. When asked by a reporter point blank whether she attempted to wipe her private email server clean, she responded as if she were confused by the question:

“Like with a cloth or something?” Clinton replied.

Mrs. Clinton is currently under investigation by the FBI regarding “materially false” statements she made about her emails. 

For Carly Fiorina's remarks at the GOP primary debate, check out the short video clip below.