Filmmaker/Journalist Ami Horowitz Exposes the Hypocrisy of the Left on the Issue of Abolishing the Police

Nick Kangadis | June 24, 2020

Ah, the supreme hypocritical lifestyle of leftists — guilty white leftists to be exact. They like to sit on their perches and look down their nose at the rest of us while preaching that they know how to live life as an American better than everyone else while contradicting themselves with almost every action.

Journalist and filmmaker Ami Horowitz is known for showing the double standard and extreme hypocrisy of the left — especially when it comes to race issues. With all the division currently being peddled by the radical media and the sheep that eat up their “news” and ask for seconds, Horowitz thought it would be a good idea to visit two distinctly different areas of New York.

“We go to the Leftist East Village as well as Harlem and ask residents their opinions on abolishing the police,” the description of Horowitz’s latest video read.

When Horowitz asked questions about the possible defunding and/or abolition of police departments, the guilty white leftists in the East Village displayed their self-righteous anger at police for simply existing.

Here’s some of the comments from the leftist, white mob concerning police:

I think that they are…disgusting.

Policing in this country is about keeping black people down.

They’re monsters.

I f***ing hate the police!

Police arose out of slave-catching patrols.

Like, I just hate the police and everything they stand for.

You get the idea. We’re not exactly dealing with brain surgeons here. Although, as we’ve seen recently through many of their virtue signaling social media videos, a growing portion of the health care community is now “woke."

Anyway, Horowitz then went to Harlem and interviewed black people about the same topic — the possible defunding and/or abolition of police.

Well, just see for yourself:


These guilty, white leftists spew their hate because they think it will score some Chinese-style social credit points with black people. In reality, the consensus from black people in the video above is that the people who say they hate the police with a passion don’t understand what they’re asking for — and they don’t.