Filmmaker: U.N. Climate Agenda ‘Is Pure Astrology and Witchcraft’

Craig Bannister | December 8, 2015
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“Astrology and witchcraft” are the foundation of the climate agenda of Pres. Obama and the United Nations, the producer of the new film “Climate Hustle” tells in an exclusive interview.

The belief that the government can control the weather is “the modern-day witchcraft of our time,” Marc Morano, the film’s producer and publisher of, explains:

“They’re hustling the public when they say they can control the Earth’s thermostat, they can control the level of storminess, through United Nations treaties and/or EPA climate regulations. This is the fallacy, if you will, the modern-day witchcraft of our time, to believe that the UN and EPA can pass legislation to regulate the Earth’s climate.”

At other points in history, skeptics were cast out of society and branded as heretics if they doubted that witches or Yo-Yos were responsible for weather events – but, today, liberals blame the SUV and claim the magic potion of carbon-control will ensure a pleasant climate, Morano says:

“We talk about the belief that witches controlled the weather during the Middle Ages. And how, if you dissented from that view, you were considered a heretic and were cast out. And how, now, they believe our SUVs control the weather. We actually have a historian talking about witchcraft and the hysteria that surrounded that and likening it to the hysteria that is surrounding climate.”

“In 1933, the government of Syria banned the Yo-Yo because they thought it caused drought. And, we have the documentation in the movie. And, now they want to ban our SUVs and coal plants because they think they cause drought. We’re in the age of superstition.”

“If we ban Yo-Yos, the question is: would it affect the weather and would people be willing to take that ban?,” Morano jokes.

But, as comical as it is to think the government can pass regulations to limit the rain, it’s a grave concern that politicians are relying on the likes of astrology and witchcraft to limit individual freedom and control Americans’ lives, Morano warns:

“The point is very serious, though: this is superstition – whether you believe witches control the weather, Yo-Yos control drought, or whether you believe a treaty can stop it. I mean, we have the White House senior staff saying we need these EPA climate regulations because of the increase in storminess. Well, the White House is directly implying that regulations that won’t even affect global CO2 level, let alone temperature, let alone storminess – even if you buy their scientific claims – would, somehow, reduce storminess.

“That is pure astrology and witchcraft.”



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