Ferguson Police Department Damaged, Officers Hurt by Rioters


It's just sad at this point. The rioters and looters around the country have set back what protests should look like decades, if not centuries by their thoughtless and careless actions in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

Case in point is the Ferguson Police Department in Missouri. It's bad enough that the town of Ferguson experienced the effects of looting and rioting following the highly debated death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in 2014. In the aftermath of the death of Floyd in Minneapolis last week, protests sprung up around the country calling for "Justice for George."

Apparently some people - who shouldn't be classified as protesters - feel that destroying other people's property is the correct way to go about instituting positive societal change. Of course, they're wrong.

The St. Louis County Police Department (SLCPD) tweeted out images of damage done to the Ferguson Police Department (FPD) following protests turning into yet another riot.

The SLCPD reported that while no arrests had been made as of 4:30 am Sunday morning, seven of their officers sustained "minor injuries."

Here's another SLCPD tweet showing the damage done to a police helmet follow an attack by a rioter:


KMOV in St. Louis posted video of rioters causing huge amounts of damage to the FPD building:


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