Fence Erected At Border Of CNN Building 

Eric Scheiner | June 19, 2020
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After unwanted visitors damaged their property, CNN has built a wall.

It’s not a big, beautiful wall – it’s more like a chain link fence with some metal barricades behind it, judging from the photo Townhall reporter Julio Rosas posted on Twitter Friday.

CNN erected the fencing after their building suffered damage from rioters in Atlanta on May 29th. 

Fortunately for CNN staff, armed police officials formed a barricade at the CNN center and protected those inside at the time.

The recent image makes me reflect on CNN’s coverage of the chain link fencing and barricades being put up around the White House in early June.

“Just looking at these pictures Wolf (Blitzer), they are images of fear,” CNN Anchor Don Lemon said. Lemon claimed the barricade fencing showed the administration was “desperate and afraid” and the fencing was sealing them off “from the American people.” 


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