Feminists Stage a Mock 'Abortion' In Front of an Argentine Church


I’m of the opinion that if something intrinsically wrong has been allowed -- or worse, legalized -- in a country, the people of that country should never be shielded from its reality. Like the Germans who were forced to look upon the atrocities of the concentration camps they'd so long ignored, blissful ignorance should be no escape for those who actively allow evil to persist in their own backyards.

Abortion is no exception.

But in this case, if you happen to be a particularly squeamish person, I’ll leave the more explicit nature of this story at the bottom of the blog, just in case you're eating spaghetti or something.

Some “feminists” in Argentina who’ve apparently misplaced whatever once passed as a soul, decided they’d protest for abortion rights on International Women’s Day in potentially the vilest way possible – by dressing up as the Virgin Mary and staging a mock “abortion” in front of a church.

Like many Central and South American countries, abortion is illegal in Argentina, with few exceptions being to save the life of the mother or if the mother was a mentally disabled woman who was raped.

Of course, this is far from satisfactory for abortion activists, who believe a woman’s ability to terminate a baby should be legal, readily available and – in places like the U.S. – paid for with public dollars.

Case in point: while American feminists were skipping work and dusting off their pink "pussy hats," a small group of Argentinean women dressed in pink masks and reenacted an “abortion” in the public space in front of a cathedral last Saturday. In a graphic photo of the incident posted on Facebook, the “Virgin Mary,” who’s wearing a rosary around her neck, appears to pump her fist into the air as two other women perform the “abortion” procedure, spilling synthetic blood and body parts all over the ground. The social media post claimed the women were symbolically aborting the "patriarchy."

There’s a large part of me that believes this story and its accompanying photo are too vile to share, realizing that folks – particularly those who find abortion horrific and offensive to their very core, like myself – don’t want their lunch ruined by crazy activists who probably couldn’t find morality with both hands and a map.

But this story highlights a harsh reality that won't go away simply by turning a blind eye. This is what the abortion debate looks like. This is what those who fight for the right to kill children out of personal convenience believe is acceptable. And this is the standard of indecency that must be confronted in the defense of the unborn.

This is the true, unadulterated face of the pro-abortion campaign.

H/T: Lifesitenews.com

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