Feminists 'Beg' For Health Care In Their Most Idiotic Video Yet

Brittany M. Hughes | March 29, 2017

Dear lord, someone please pass the bleach. I’d like to pour a whole bunch in my eyes now.

A bunch of “celebrities” (seriously, I have no clue who most of these fools are) got together to send yet another Hollywood-approved PSA to all of us unwashed masses. The theme this time?

Health care. I think.

A whole mess of random K-list starlets (including one named “Blac Chyna” who I think is dating/broken up with/knocked up by/or something one of the Kardashian clan) partnered with Funny or Die to put together this very un-funny health care ad, rather shallowly entitled, "Sexy Women Beg For Healthcare." I’ll try my best to explain.

Dressed in an array or lingerie, these “women” writhe about while moan-splaining to the camera that women’s body parts need “motherf***ing healthcare” to stay healthy so they can…well, service men. And they say all this while gyrating on stools, swinging tampons, listing off just about every anatomical term for female genitalia and fondling gynecological instruments.

Oh, and promising to keep “getting wet,” so long as men promise to give them proper health care.

That’s about when some random woman (whom I’ve never seen grace my TV screen) croons, “So please, when politicians talk about things like not wanting to cover contraception or prenatal care or mammograms, think about us, sexily begging you to keep us healthy — because there’s nothing sexier than being alive.”

Now, I think -- I think -- this is supposed to be an ironic backhanded slam at men who over-sexualize women without considering their actual health needs. But it’s not.

It’s just weird. And gross. And incredibly un-classy.

There’s a reason real women don’t get behind all this nasty feminist propaganda. It’s disgusting, on a drunken frat-boy level.

I apologize for making this video available for your viewing displeasure. Now, please excuse me while I go vomit into my purse.