Feminist Writer Claims Superheroines Not Wearing Ponytails Is 'Sexist'

Brittany M. Hughes | May 2, 2018

This is why we can’t have nice things. Because, feminism.

Fresh out of legitimate things to be pissy about, Rebecca Jennings,  a writer for the Vox Media-owned website Racked, claims in a new article that female superheroes not wearing ponytails is “sexist.”

Yep. This is the hill she’s chosen to die on. Wonder Woman’s salon preferences.

“Superheroes Don’t Wear Ponytails, and Yes, It’s Sexist,” Jennings claims in her headline, which then goes on to slam Avengers: Infinity War for being the latest action flick to star women with loose, flowing (and SEXIST!) hair.

“One thing you won’t be seeing a lot of? Hair ties. Which, to anyone with longer than shoulder-length hair who has played on a recreational soccer league as a kid, seems nuts. Aren’t these people, like, fighting each other? While doing flips and jumps and stuff?” Jennings complains.

"It’ll be hard not to notice the abundance of long, flowing, and wildly impractical hair all over fight scenes this Friday, proving that even female superheroes have to deal with extra bullshit," she adds.

Well, yeah, sure, doing backflips with your waist-length locks flapping in the breeze is pretty impractical.

Then again, it’s also impractical for several dozen flawlessly-toned guys wearing various suits of armor and spandex that shoot lasers and lightening and bullets and have claws made out of fictitious metals to fight a giant purple alien who needs to collect a half a dozen magic rocks so he can control the universe.

And yet, here we are.

Just so we’re clear on this whole ponytail issue: no, it’s not sexist for a made-up female character to wear her hair down in a made-up movie about made-up alien invasions.

It’s sexist to stone a woman to death because she was raped, as happens in tribal regions in Pakistan.

It’s sexist to forcibly hold a woman down and mutilate her genitals so she can’t enjoy sex, as happens in villages across Africa.

It’s sexist to force women to cover themselves from head to toe because you assume guys can’t keep their minds out of the gutter, as happens all across Saudi Arabia.

What’s NOT sexist? Wonder Woman’s flowing tresses whipping through the air as she karate-chops some dude in the throat.

And only those who've never actually experienced sexism would think otherwise.