Feminist Writer Argues 'Abortion Involves Killing - and That's OK'

Miguel Daez | June 29, 2022
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The Nation, a progressive political magazine, published a scandalous article last Wednesday ahead of the Dobbs v. Jackson verdict acknowledging that abortion does, in fact, kill preborn babies - but argues that it’s not a problem. 

“Rather than shy away from this,” feminist writer Sophie Lewis writes, “I believe we should embrace it as part of an effort to give gestating the respect it deserves,” referring to pregnancy as literally “forced labor.” 

Lewis speaks the truth when she writes that it is patronizing and stupid to tell a woman that the fetus within her womb is not alive. However, she instead argues that killing is justified in certain cases, including for the preborn. 

“We humans do kill, when necessary,” Lewis explained. “Victims of assault sometimes kill in self-defense, targets of persecution sometimes kill for justice — or just to reduce the number of their persecutors — and the colonized sometimes kill for liberation.”

Regarding abortion, Lewis stated “As long as people are performing pregnancy on this Earth, they must be free to change their minds about seeing it through.” 

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Instead of prettifying the language of abortion by calling the fetus “a choice,” when we all know it’s a life, Lewis argues that we need to remove the stigma and condemnation of abortion by “making fetuses killable,” grosely citing that we have no grief if we kill a lab rat:

“The former refers to casting something (a lab rat, for example) out of the sphere [of] the grievable,thanks to a tidy and final verdict on the permissibility of systematically sacrificing its life to a greater cause. The latter, while expanding access to the means of feticide, does not necessarily require any such sanitization of violence.”

Comparing the value of an unborn human life to the level of a lab rat is an outright degradation of the value of the human person, whom she readily acknowledges dwells in the womb. 

Lewis then challenges liberals to come out and ask for what they really want: abortion as “a clearly documented public good.” Lewis claims that the need for abortion will never be diminished, even if vasectomies became generalized or perfected ectogenetic technologies became readily available. 

“The science of medicine dictates that when foreign organisms inhabit the human body unwelcomely, we tend to eject them,” she claimed.

The feminist author concluded her article, saying that pro-life advocates sacrifice the “health and happiness of actual persons” in favor of only “potential” persons.  

“Ours is the mature pro-life politics. I don’t want to live in a world that valorizes life for its own sake. I want to live in a world that prioritizes the life chosen and wanted. Peoples’ lives are worth more than fetuses’ lives.” 

History teaches us that once we start valuing some people’s lives over others, persecution and genocide follow. Such was true in the wake of Roe v. Wade. 

Praise the Lord that it was overturned, and God help this woman.

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