Feminist Blames 'Hateful White People'...For Not Electing a White Guy

Brittany M. Hughes | June 21, 2017
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Here's your head-scratcher for the day: a feminist is now blaming “toxic, vindictive voters” and “hateful white people” for electing a woman to office instead of a heterosexual white male.

No, this isn't an Onion headline. By electing Republican Karen Handel to Georgia’s 6th District congressional seat instead of Democrat Jon Ossoff, feminist and all-around screeching shrew Jill Filipovic says voters displayed their rampant "bigotry." Because, as we have clearly learned by now, it’s never the left’s fault when they lose elections – it’s all the work of racist white trash hicks and their no-good Confederate flag-waving ways.

Democrats weren’t entirely without fault, Filipovic eventually conceded. After all, the left should have “catered” more to their target victims audience, and ignored all those racist white folk.

Never mind that both Handel and Ossoff were white as the driven snow, or the fact that only one of them – the Republican, mind you – was a woman (which Filipovic claims to otherwise value). It appears that in the quest to paint all right-leaning voters as evil phobic Nazis, Filipovic is now labeling the entire Georgia’s 6th District constituency a bunch of racist bigots, all because they didn’t elect the straight white guy.

Yep. #LiberalLogic.


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