Female Suicide Bomber Detonates Her Vest While Holding Her Child

Bryan Michalek | July 10, 2017
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As Iraqi forces continue their takeover of the once ISIS-held city of Mosul, the Islamic State is utilizing more and more disgusting methods to slow their demise.

A recent photo was taken that shows just how low these monster will sink just to impede what already seems inevitable. 

The photo shows a woman in Mosul walking through an alley with her baby in hand, in what seems like an attempt to escaped the ravaged city. What happened next may disturb you. 

The woman detonated a suicide bomb device as she passed a group of soldiers flushing out ISIS soldiers, but the device did not go off in the manner that she may have planned. The device failed to go off as she was walking past the group, instead activating a few moments and some distance later, according to al-Mawsleya TV.

The detonation only ended up killing the woman and her child, leaving others only injured by the blast.

According to the Independent, more than 20 female suicide bombers hiding among civilians are believed to have detonated explosive devices as the battle hurtles toward its finale. Troops on the ground are ordering women walking in the street to remove their niqabs, so they may be identified in a bid to locate and curb potential suicide bombers. 

These women are referred to as "jihadist brides," and typically take on a more benign role of maintaining homes and looking after children. But as ISIS more desperate, these women are playing a much more dangerous part. It isn't uncommon to find women using their own children as human shields as ISIS loses its grip over Mosul.

Lt. General Sami al-Aridi said, "The women are fighting with their children right beside them. It's making us hesitant to use airstrikes, to advance. If it weren't for this we could be finished in just a few hours."

As the battle for Mosul comes to a hard-fought end, many Iraqis are learning just how far the devastation goes. Thousands of civilians have been killed, large swaths of the city destroyed, and numerous groups of people displaced by the evil of the Islamic State, and are all obstacles residents will have to endure as they defend the city from possible takeovers and try to rebuild. 

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