Female Shot Put Champ Fights Rule Change Allowing Men to Compete in Her Division

John Simmons | January 23, 2023
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A British shot put champion is speaking out against a supposed rules change that could allow transgendered females to compete against biological females on the international level.

Two-time national champion Amelia Strickler has criticized a leaked World Athletics rule change that would allow biological men pretending to be females to compete in the women’s division in track and field at the international level, as long as they meet the suppressed testosterone levels requirement. 

“It’s all well and good that they are putting restrictions on the testosterone levels, and extending the number of years to qualify and so on… but none of that matters,” Strickler said. “They’d still be miles ahead. I mean, the women’s shot is half the weight [of the men’s]. Apart from all the strength they’ve gained over the years, there is the height advantage, the wingspan, all the things hormones can’t replace … hip angles, lung capacity etc. Training would be easier for them. That’s just a fact.”

Strickler, of course, is correct. An adjusted hormone level does nothing to change the fact that any future male competitors would likely crush their female counterparts.

While most of her contemporaries see this as an issue, Strickler has said the only reason most people aren’t saying anything is because of fear for how they’d be treated and for the potential of losing sponsorships.

“I think people are afraid because they’ve got contracts or central funding,” Strickler said. “I’ve certainly tried to get them to talk. It’s almost like a taboo subject on the circuit, even though everyone is privately like, ‘It’s ridiculous.'” 

She further stated that if these new rules allow for men to compete in the women’s division, then many records achieved by real women could fall and that she would consider retiring in the near future.

But hooray for progress and women’s rights! -- even if it means replacing real women and all they’ve accomplished.

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