Female Scholar Debunks 'Gender Wage Gap' Myth

Craig Bannister | March 17, 2015

American Enterprise Institute's Resident Scholar, and former professor, Christina Hoff Sommers debunks feminist myths such as the “Gender Wage Gap” in an educational video.

“Women who are plagued by workplace injustice or sexual violence will be best helped by truth and solid research – not by hysteria and hype,” Sommers says, citing data disproving the feminists’ “Gender Wage Gap” mantra.

Unfortunately, many young college women in America are being taught to see themselves as victims, even though they are some of the “most fortunate, liberated beings on the planet,” she says:

“American college women are, arguably, the most fortunate, liberated beings on the planet. Yet, in their feminist theory classes, they are likely to learn they are put upon and tyrannized by men. And, the more elite the school, the more advanced the degree, the more likely they are to take such feminist propaganda seriously.”

“But, this doesn’t have to continue,” Sommers says:

“The time has come for young women to take back feminism. Reform it, correct its excesses, repudiate the victim propaganda, get rid of the Women Are From Venus, Men Are From Hell storylines. Begin the arduous task of correcting almost three decades of feminist misinformation.”