Female Powerlifter Blasts 'Complete Unfairness' of Biological Man's Record-Shattering 'Win'

Brittany M. Hughes | August 21, 2023
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Days after a biological male set a new record at a Canadian women’s powerlifting championship, an actual female competitor is speaking out against the unfairness of letting men who think they’re women compete against women who are incapable of competing against them.

April Hutchinson, a biological woman and powerlifter herself, told Fox News’ Varney & Co. that 40-year-old Anne Andres’ sweeping victory over his female rivals effectively marks the end of women’s ability to compete in the sport.

"I think the total was 462 pounds, he has the second-highest deadlift in powerlifting history, beating out champions that have been working 10 years or more for that record. Those records will never be broken by a woman," she said. 

Andres’ total weightlifting score at the competition clocked in at 597.5 kilograms, over 200 kilograms more than runner-up SuJan Gill, a biological woman who lifted 387.5 kilograms. The disparity was so great that many athletes and defenders of women’s sports say there’s no way a woman will ever come close to breaking Andres’ new record.

Now, Hutchinson says women are dropping out of competitions and even losing weight to compete in a different class to avoid having to go up against men who can easily out-lift them without even trying. And, according to her, the people in charge of the competitions don’t seem to care, choosing instead to let men compete to avoid getting sued for discrimination.

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"I have written my federation I don't know how many times about this matter,” Hutchinson said. “We had actually this past Sunday when Anne competed, we had athletes actually write to the federation prior to the competition telling them about Anne and the complete unfairness and dropping out. We had three people drop out. One competitor actually basically cut weight just to go into a different category so that she didn't have to compete against Anne. So the federation is not listening.”

Hutchinson added that “a lot of them have said we don't agree with it, but our hands are tied. We don't want to get sued by not letting them compete.”

In July, Union Cycliste Internationale, the international governing body for the cycling sport, announced that transgender women will no longer be allowed to participate in women’s races in order to “ensure equal opportunities” for all contestants. The move came after several male cyclists racked up first-place wins against biologically female competitors, sparking controversy over the fairness of letting naturally stronger men loaded up with testosterone utterly trounce women who can’t keep up.

If there’s any sport that showcases the physical disparity between men and women, it’s powerlifting. So you’d think this one would be a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, far too many leftists are no-brainers themselves.

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