Feline Felony: Brazilian Press Officer Throws Cat Off Table

John Simmons | December 9, 2022
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Cats can be hard to be around: they act aloof and usually don’t want to be around people. But most people wouldn’t actually throw one out of their sight if they encountered one.

But Brazil’s World Cup press officer is not like most people.

In a press conference on Wednesday in which Brazilian winger Vinicius Jr. was taking questions from the media ahead of his squad’s match against Croatia on Friday when a cat jumped up on a table right next to him. Not wanting the superstar to be bothered, the press officer picked up the cat and flung him down to the floor.

At first, Vinicius was nervously laughing before making eye contact with his friend, who gave an expression that basically said he fixed the problem and that life could go on as it had been. At this point, the whole audience couldn’t help but laugh at what had just transpired.

It’s unclear what exactly made the press officer think this was a good idea, or what the feline was doing their in the first place. Regardless, this was hilarious to watch.

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