Feds Release List of 650 'Racist' Names For Federal Landmarks

Brittany M. Hughes | September 9, 2022
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The Biden administration is hard at work – just not at solving the border crisis, bringing down inflation, dealing with massive spikes in crime across our cities, or upping our foreign policy game.

Instead, they’re busy compiling massive lists of federal monuments with racist names – all on your dime, of course.

That’s right – the fine folks over at the Department of the Interior, apparently with nothing better to do with their copious amounts of taxpayer-funded time, have compiled a hefty list of no fewer than 650 federally-owned “geographic features” currently marred by racist or bigoted labels that must be changed, lest their existence upset the Perpetually Offended and Otherwise Marginalized – POOMs, if you will.

The term at the center of this latest contrived controversy is the term “Squaw,” which the administration says is “an offensive ethnic, racial and sexist slur, particularly for Indigenous women.”

Unfortunately for POOMs – or, perhaps, very fortunately, given their love of being angry all the time – the word “squaw” appears in the names of literally hundreds of lakes, creeks, canyons, mesas, paths, and countless other geographical markers across the country, many of which have sat under those monikers for eons without harming a soul.

And all of which must immediately be changed - including all the markers and signs, reworded at taxpayer expense, of course.

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For example: Squaw Pass in Clear Creek County, Colorado? It’s now Mestaa’ėhehe Pass. Have fun teaching that one to your kindergartner.

To be fair, some names are a little easier - despite the change itself being unnecessary and stupid. For instance, "Squaw Opening" in Mendocino, California, is now “Gates Opening," while "Squaw Valley" in Lassen County has become "Corral Valley."

But if you’re looking to visit Squaw Peak in San Diego, you’ll need to look under it’s new name: “Mat Puy Nah Achhuukaayp.” And the Butte formerly known as Squaw in Gem County, Idaho? That's now "Sehewoki’I Newenee’an Katete."

Best of luck to you.