Feds Dump $700K Into 'Unconscious Bias' Training For Professors

Alissa Lopez | July 1, 2016
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Last time I checked, the world of academia was controlled by the Left. But isn't the Left suppose to be tolerant and all loving? I must be missing something here.

The National Institute of Health began this five-year study, called “Breaking The Bias Cycle For Future Scientists: A Workshop To Learn, Experience and Change,” back in 2015 to “improve the culture of academic science and to make it more welcoming to diverse students by targeting the unconscious attitudes and behaviors of their research mentors directly” by implementing various workshops focused on breaking biased behavior.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has so far given the university $723,637 for this study. And guess where this money came from? Your wallet! It never fails that it’s always us taxpayers having to fund these prodigal studies.

According to The University of Wisconsin-Madison, “the mere existence of cultural stereotypes about racial and ethnic groups can invisibly and inadvertently impede opportunities for underrepresented minority students through ‘unconscious’ or ‘implicit’ bias.” 

The project description provided on the HHS website strongly implies that the reason there are not as many minorities and women involved in the sciences is because human beings always discriminate, whether they realize it or not. 

I just have so many questions. Will the university also put their Hispanic and African American professors through this training? Probably not, because according to leftist logic, minorities can't be racist. But how are these behaviors observed and determined if individuals are unconsciously discriminating? Is it body language? The way a professor communicates with a student? 

This is obviously very subjective research.

The NIH provided the full description of the study, stating:

Recently, a cluster randomized controlled trial was conducted and showed that approaching implicit bias as a remedial habit can reduce gender biased behaviors among faculty. Further, engaging in an activity in which one takes the perspective of someone different from him or herself is an effective way to introduce the sensitive topic of implicit race bias.

There are two things I take away from this. One, this study translates into: brainwash the professors further to become staunch P.C. police. Two, that the federal government is once again carelessly wasting money, and for what? Making everyone think that they are a racist misogynistic transphobic (etc.) individual? Could this money not have been contributed elsewhere? Like oh, I don’t know, medical care for our veterans?