FedEx Driver Who Rescued Flag Keeps Job, Creates PR ‘Better than Any Commercial They Could Have Bought’

Craig Bannister | January 30, 2017
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The Federal Express (FedEx) driver who rescued the American flag in a viral video won’t be punished, the company announced after the deed turned out to be immensely popular with consumers.

Matt Uhrin, sporting his FedEx uniform, intervened last Thursday when anti-pipeline protesters in Iowa City, Iowa, began to burn the American flag. He tussled with the protesters, denounced them – and even grabbed a fire extinguisher to put out the fire – and it was all caught on a video, which went viral on social media.

And, while some called for FedEx to fire Uhrin for interfering with the protesters’ First Amendment rights, they were overwhelmed by those supporting Uhrin’s defense of Old Glory. Twitter, for example, was flooded with posts praising #FedExGuy.

On Friday, Forbes Contributor Andy Swan, co-founder of LikeFolio, a company that tracks consumers’ social media reaction to companies, declared Uhrin’s patriotic actions a greater marketing boon any commercial the company could possibly buy.

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