FedEx Driver Shows Act of Patriotism By Fixing Stars and Stripes Pillows After Delivery


In our current political climate caring about the American flag could get you in some hot water with leftists, but a FedEx driver in Ohio couldn’t care less about that and expressed his love for the flag in a memorable way.

The driver, after delivering a package to an Ohio homeowner, showed an act of patriotism after he noticed American flag decorative pillows out of order on a lawn chair and rearranged them so they displayed the flag the way it was meant to be seen.

Jackie Szabo’s security camera caught the driver — who has become an internet hero — and posted the video to Facebook, saying, “When the Fed Ex guy puts the stars before the stripes.”


As Fox 35 reports:

Szabo tells Fox 35 it was a very sweet gesture and one that meant a lot to her. 

"It is sweet.  My son is an Airborne Soldier and a veteran in US Army so it's extra special to me."

The video reached over 3.5 million viewers and has been shared over 85,000 times.

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