Federal Judge Rules Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann's Lawsuit Against NBCUniversal Can Go Forward

Nick Kangadis | November 25, 2019
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Score one for the good guys. The media aren’t always to blame for everything — they’re not bright enough be that good at everything. But in the case of Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann, the media needs to answer for their biased assault against Sandmann because he was a white Trump supporter. Thankfully, they could be answering soon than later.

In case you missed it amongst all the tedious impeachment hearings, U.S. District Court Judge William Bertelsman ruled last Thursday that Sandmann’s lawsuit against NBCUniversal “may proceed on limited grounds,” according to the Washington Times.

“Limited grounds” comes from Bertelsman reportedly dismissing certain parts of the lawsuit, but allowing the case to continue pertaining to the allegations of defamation perpetrated against Sandmann by NBCUniversal.

The suit against NBCUniversal is seeking $275 million on the basis of “libelous” statements made by the outlet in reporting on the incident involving Sandmann, his classmates, Native American activist Nathan Phillips and the Black Hebrew Israelites, who have somehow gotten off easy for their antagonistic role in the entire ordeal.

“[T]he court finds that the statements that plaintiff ‘blocked’ Phillips or did not allow him to retreat, if false, meet the test of being libelous per se under the definition quoted above,” Bertelsman wrote in his order.

The kid stood there and was harassed by Phillips. The entire altercation was available on video, but the media chose to ignore that and run with edited video that was unflattering to Sandmann and his classmates.

Sandmann’s attorney, L. Lin Wood tweeted about the ruling following the decision:

As the Washington Times reported, the lawsuit’s original purpose was to seek $275 million in damages in “punitive and compensatory damages,” claiming that NBCUniversal created a “false narrative” based off its “anti-Trump agenda.”

H/T: Daily Wire