Federal Judge Frees 9-Times Deportee Who Skipped His Domestic Assault Trial

Brittany M. Hughes | June 11, 2018

While the progressive left was busy whining over Trump detaining illegal alien adults at the border, a federal judge just let a nine-times deportee with a slew of drug convictions and an outstanding domestic abuse charge go free on bail.

Bulmaro Enriquez, who reportedly works as a landscaper when he’s not jumping the border, was arrested May 30 on federal charges of re-entering the United States after being deported (he’s was booted nine times between 2004 and 2016). He’d already failed to appear for his court date last month over a domestic assault and battery charge, after he allegedly assaulted his wife when she refused him sex and tried to leave their home.

Oh, and that's not nearly all.

The Boston Herald reports:

A Mexican national who has been deported nine times, has a lengthy criminal record and skipped his trial on a domestic assault and battery charge last month was freed on bail by a federal magistrate yesterday over the objections of prosecutors.

In a court filing, prosecutors noted Enriquez has already been deported nine times, and that he had been convicted of operating under the influence three times since 2004 and possession of a controlled substance twice, most recently in 2015. Authorities found Enriquez with 1 1⁄2 pounds of marijuana, along with scales and other drug-dealing equipment, prosecutors said.

Yep. A known illegal alien, repeat immigration violator and drug criminal who assaults his wife -- #ButNotHerToo, apparently, because Enriquez was just let out of prison on bail and sent back into a Massachusetts community by a magistrate judge.

This is actually the argument his attorney made in Enriquez’s favor:

“The government has not argued that he presents a danger to the community,” attorney Jennifer Pucci wrote. “He is not someone who enters the country to live under other names and commit crimes; rather, he is someone who returns to the United States repeatedly, at great personal risk, to live in his family home, with his U.S. citizen children, and to support his family financially.

So that’s it. A domestic abuser with a list of drug crimes and DUIs as long as my arm deserves sympathy for re-entering the country nine times because he did so “at great personal risk.” Excuse me while I go get the world's smallest violin.

I don’t want to hear a word about the Trump administration’s handling of tens of thousands of illegal aliens flooding our southern border when federal judges are letting repeat deportees with criminal records who beat their wives back onto our streets.


(Cover Photo: Joe Gratz)