FBI Says Texas Shooter 'May Have Been Inspired by a Foreign Terrorist Organization'

Nick Kangadis | September 1, 2021
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A man who was once part of a three-year counterterrorism investigation carried out the murder of one Texas woman and an assault on a police precinct.

The now-deceased man shot and killed a Lyft driver after ordering the ride, stole her vehicle and drove it to a Plano, Texas police station before officers fatally wounded him.

The man was said to have left behind a note that indicated he “may have been inspired by a foreign terrorist organization” to carry out his actions.

According to the Associated Press (AP):

Police said Imran Ali Rasheed ordered a Lyft in his home city of Garland Sunday then fatally shot the driver, Isabella Lewis. Her stolen car was found a short time later outside the police station in the neighboring community of Plano, where Rasheed began shooting in the lobby before being shot by officers, police chiefs in both cities said at a Monday news conference.

Matthew DeSarno, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Dallas office, said investigators believe Rasheed acted alone but that the 33-year-old left a letter indicating he “may have been inspired by a foreign terrorist organization.” He did not offer more specifics on the letter and declined to identify the group.

DeSarno said Rasheed was the subject of a counterterrorism investigation from 2010 to 2013, when the case was closed after agents determined Rasheed did not currently pose a threat. The agency’s regional terrorism task force is working on the investigation of Lewis’ killing, he said.

Note the word they used in describing how the FBI classified Rasheed — “currently.” Well, eight years later that assessment proved to be false.

Ask Isabella Lewis if she thinks Rasheed was a threat. Oh, you can’t, because Rasheed murdered her.

Whether it’s eight years or eight days, if you are on a terrorism watch list for legitimate reasons and part of a THREE-YEAR investigation, it doesn’t matter if you “currently” pose a threat or not. That “threat” came to fruition.

“We have no idea why he came to Plano to find police officers,” Plano Police Department Chief Ed Drain said.

It could’ve been any city, any police station, alleged terrorists will always, eventually, find a way. 

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