FBI Issued 4,000 Gun Seizures for Failed Background Checks Last Year

ola olugbemi | December 5, 2017
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USA Today reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued over 4,000 orders to retrieve guns from purchasers who failed background checks last year.

Although the FBI issued such requests, they have yet to retrieve the guns, meaning there are at least 4,000 people that currently have weapons that legally should not be allowed to have them.

David Chipman, former official for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives had this to say:

These are people who shouldn't have weapons in the first place, and it just takes one to do something that could have tragic consequences. You don't want ATF to stand for 'after the fact.

These startling statistics come after the Air Force failed to report Texas church shooter Devin Kelly’s court martial for domestic battery to the FBI, allowing him to purchase the rifle used in the slaying of 26 people in Sutherland Springs.

The Air Force acknowledged their failures and stated that it was part of a broader system failure. After conducting a preliminary review into the matter, they stated that “similar reporting lapses occurred at other locations.”

USA Today also reported that if the background checks are not completed within a 72-hour period, gun sales are allowed to move forward. If the FBI finds that the sales should have been denied after the 72-hour period, then ATF agents are required to confiscate those guns, presenting a potentially dangerous confrontation.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently ordered a wide-ranging review of the FBI vetting system for guns due to this glaring failure of the system.

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(Image source: Michael Saechang, via Flickr)

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