Fauci Flop: New Poll Says Confidence in Doctor Decreased Over 42 Pct. in Last Year

Nick Kangadis | May 24, 2021
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False idols don’t typically have a long shelf life with the rare exception, like Dr. Anthony Fauci. The worship of Fauci has seen a cult-like following on different social media platforms boost the good doctor’s profile above the point of accountability in the eyes of his “fans.”

The Trafalgar Group, in partnership with Convention of States Action, released the results of a May 2021 “Nationwide Issues Survey” that gauged how almost 1,100 respondents who are “likely general election voters” about the level of confidence they hold for Fauci.

The results as compared to the previous year aren’t a good indicator for Fauci’s influence over Americans.

“Has your confidence in Dr. Fauci gone up or down in the past year?” the survey asked respondents.

An astonishing 42.2 percent of respondents said that their confidence in Fauci has either “decreased” or “decreased significantly,” with the vast majority (30.1 percent) opting for the “decreased significantly” response. Among GOP respondents, 50.8 percent said their confidence in Fauci has "decreased significantly," while only 12.3 percent of Democrat respondents replied the same.

Responding positively, 22.1 percent of respondents said their confidence in Fauci either “increased” or “increased significantly.” Among Democrat respondents, 18.8 percent said that their confidence in Fauci "increased significantly," while only 9.6 percent of GOP respondents replied in kind.

Other respondents said their confidence in Fauci was “unchanged” in the past year (26.1 percent), while 9.6 percent said that they have “no opinion” when it comes to having any level of confidence in Fauci.

It seems as though a large portion of the population, if you take any credence in polls with small sample sizes, has had enough of Fauci doing interview after interview after interview with media outlets, talk shows and YouTubers while at times seemingly ignoring “the science.”

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