Fauci Contradicts Himself...Again, Says 'There's No Data that Indicates' Wearing Two Masks 'is Going to Make a Difference'

Nick Kangadis | February 2, 2021

If you need more proof the Chinese coronavirus “expert” Dr. Anthony Fauci really doesn’t know for sure whether what he puts out into the ether “follows the science” or not, check out his latest claim.

During a livestream with the American Federation of Teachers, Fauci said that “there’s no data that indicates” his previous claim that his “common sense” told him that wearing two masks is “likely” better than wearing one has is “going to make a difference.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s no data that indicates that that is going to make a difference,” Fauci said.

Then why did Fauci say it in the first place? Most people aren’t going to see his comments from this interview, so why talk out of both sides of your mouth days apart?

Here’s video of Fauci’s comments:

Come on, man!

Why should anyone believe anything Fauci says at this point? It’s as if Fauci and the rest of “science” crowd actually want to confuse people so that they don’t really know what to do during the difficult time.

Literally, less than a week before the comments made above, Fauci told the “Today” show the complete opposite of what he previously said.

“If you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on, it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective,” Fauci said.

Okay, but we should all totally keep “following the science.” 

H/T: Washington Examiner