Fauci Bucks Biden, Says 'We are Still in the Middle of a Pandemic'

Nick Kangadis | December 13, 2022
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It’s possibly gotten to the point that you can’t believe a single person in our federal government, chief among them is President Joe “Bolshevik Beijing” Biden and COVID administrator “Dr.” Anthony Fauci.

Remember back in September when Biden said that “the pandemic is over” on an episode of “60 Minutes?”


Well, not so fast.

According to Fauci, “we are still in the middle of a pandemic.”

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Fauci was on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday and was asked about all the pandemics and viral scares he’s seen during his nearly 40-year, unelected leadership in the health care field. Fauci believes that we’re still in the HIV/AIDS pandemic, but also that we’re still in the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, despite Biden’s previous comments.

The unique nature of this is that it’s three years of really, essentially of wearing down the country. This was, hopefully in the beginning when it first came out, we thought we’d have a big blip of any outbreak, and it would go away and we’d be done with it. And here we are going into the third year of it, and we are still in the middle of a pandemic with the numbers you just showed.


So which is it? Are we done with it or are we still even further into a pandemic?

Or — and this is just my opinion here, so take it as medical information — is COVID-19 just something we’re going to have to deal with going forward?

Don’t rely on the federal government to give any of us a straight answer, because that’s not how they roll.


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