Fauci Appears To Call For Lockdowns Until 2021

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 15, 2020
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What, exactly, does Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), want as U.S. COVID19 policy?

He’s confused people about the magical power of masks, first claiming they didn’t work, then saying they did work but that he didn’t tell people because he wanted overwhelmed “health workers” to have them. (Just for the record, those would be people who are being laid off because they weren’t overwhelmed and haven’t had the rush of patients that government officials expected when they shut off medical visits for other maladies.) But, even now, with a new example of Fauci offering a forbidding, confusing statement about LOCKDOWNS until the end of the year, one should keep in mind not to miss the forest for the trees.

The forest, to remember, is not merely that Fauci might be upsetting or incorrect; it’s that no federal bureaucrat or politician should be involved with “COVID19 policy” in the first place. First, there is no moral authority for a man or a group of men to tell others what they can or cannot peaceably do in their lives, and, second, there is provision in the U.S. Constitution allowing for NIAID or the CDC, or NIH, or any agency or politician to dictate “policy,” i.e. commands funded by tax-thievery.

And the ugly new “Fauci Tree” that brings the larger lesson to mind is the angering fact that he appears to have called for lockdowns to CONTINUE until 2021…

At the “Mass Illusion” site, journalist Jordan Schachtel spells out what he discerned from a teleconference Fauci recently did with Harvard Medical School.

Fauci claimed, without evidence, that top-down government edicts are wholly responsible for mitigating the potential impact of the virus and subduing its spread. He said that southern states, such as Florida, Texas, and Arizona are seeing new cases as a result of them reopening too early. However, the longtime bureaucrat did not acknowledge that other areas in countries on similar geographic latitudes, such as much of Mexico, are also facing similar epidemics, regardless of government policies enacted to ‘stop the spread.’ He also raised alarm about the status of Europe, claiming the newfound cases are a result of their reopenings, which happened many months ago in most places.

Fauci’s lack of concrete knowledge and his dangerous inconsistency do not support his policy prescriptions, and, even if they did, he only could ethically offer his opinions if they weren’t backed by the threat of government force and if he weren’t being paid via funds shaved off annual taxation.

As Schachtel observes:

Completely ignored during his presentation was acknowledging the devastating side effects of his favored heavy-handed approaches. The economic and societal ramifications from his implemented COVID lockdowns have devastated millions of American families, putting millions out of work, and millions more into positions of severe hardship, all to combat a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate.

As I previously have mentioned at MRCTV, the fatality rate of COVID19 is about the same as the seasonal flu. Will politicians and bureaucrats demand lockdowns and magi-masks every year as fall flu season rolls ‘round?

To reiterate, for a virus that has this low a fatality rate, Fauci appears to thirst for lockdowns to run until 2021.

In this isolated segment, Schachtel reveals Fauci’s absolute error in citing lockdowns as the preventative for viral fatalities, and Fauci’s evident desire to keep America locked-down until 2021.

If one were to go easy on Anthony, one would prematurely end the quotation of him from the recent teleconference, and simply show readers this:

’What I would like to see is, keeping the lid on it, keeping the baseline (of cases) down until we get a vaccine,’ he said in advocating for a total shutdown. ‘And I do believe we’ll likely get a vaccine by the end of the year, by the beginning of 2021. I just think we need to hunker down and get through this fall and winter, because it’s not going to be easy.’

And that could simply look like Fauci’s encouraging people, asking them to sentimentally “hunker down” and bear with the worries over this overhyped virus.

But Schachtel includes the rest of Fauci’s statement, which can be found in a video Tweet of Fauci on the journalist’s feed. Said the federal medical bureaucrat:

We know every time we lift restrictions, we get a blip. It’s whack-a-mole.

So, what does Fauci want?

It appears that he wants lockdowns to continue -- that he wants GOVERNMENT restrictions on supposedly free people to continue -- until a vaccine (the sketchiness and unconstitutional nature of which can be explored in volumes at a different time) is “provided.”

So, this looks like a perfect example of a federal bureaucrat calling for more restrictions on liberty and free association… a bureaucrat who has proven himself time and again to not just get it wrong, but to skirt his OWN pronouncements about magic-masks.

But it’s not the statements of this federal medical bureaucrat that really matter.

What matters is the fact that there is a federal medical bureaucracy in the first place.

There shouldn’t be, and morality, ethics, economics, science, liberty, and the US Constitution depend on us remembering that fact, and reminding others of the truth.

That’s a virus we might want to share – often.

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