Father of Loudoun County Schools Rape Victim Responds to Leaked Audio of Soros Funded Prosecutor

Sarah Merly | May 26, 2023
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Just when we may have thought the school board controversy in Loudoun County, Va. had subsided, new audio surfaced recently, featuring an infamous prosecutor funded by George Soros. This government official was none other than Buta Biberaj, who supported a trans rapist during a school board meeting. 

A student at Stone Bridge High School had raped Scott Smith’s daughter, but because the student wore a skirt, the school board treated Smith as an intolerant bigot, just before policemen arrested him.


Although the mainstream media attempted to hide the tragedy ever since it occurred, Smith hasn’t stopped fighting for his daughter, much less for children everywhere in America. Now, a week before his trial and two weeks before the local primary, Smith has even more evidence to support his cause.

The full clip is exclusive to The Daily Wire, but D.C. area radio show host Larry O’Connor played part of it on “O’Connor and Company.” 

“The hardest part for me was what it did to his daughter,” said Biberaj of Smith. “He used her as this person who will never have her life again, who didn’t have control over what was published. He is a hothead, and it’s unfortunate that he’s posing as a victim.”

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Smith testifies that the audio fits the corrupt school board’s actions, as well as the actions of woke Loudoun County citizens. 

“It’s been a nightmare from day one,” Smith told O’Connor. “The prosecutor’s office bullied us through my daughter’s trial [and] tried to sue her. I mean, I’ve been dealing with different people in the Loudoun Love Warriors group for two years now. They came after us on social media, after my business. We’ve taken a huge hit from the radicals here in Loudoun County.”

Although the mainstream media has attempted to make Smith feel outnumbered, he declared in response to the audio that he’s adopted the overthrow of corruption in Loudoun County as his personal mission. 

“The moral of the story is that I’m going to win, and I’m going to rid Loudoun County of Buta Biberaj. It’s what I’m going to do,” Smith said. “I haven’t lost focus on it on a daily basis, and, you know, the timing couldn’t have been better for this case to come out.”

Smith’s words prove him a brilliant example of perseverance in exposing the media and woke government. However, he doesn’t have to be one of only a few parents fighting, nor should he be. Whether we’re parents or simply supporters, our diligence and bravery in protecting children from wokeism has never been more crucial.

“Our local media, our two local newspapers, the majority of our local news stations on TV – nobody will touch this. Nobody wants to put any light on this,” said Smith. “Buta’s mad at me because I’ve been outspoken? Well, if I wasn’t outspoken, then nobody would’ve ever known about this, and kids would continue to get assaulted to this day.”


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