Father Flying Police Flag To Honor Dead Son Harassed By Neighbors

John Simmons | May 20, 2022
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While our country continues to fawn over and celebrate groomers, transgendered women in sports, and abortion rights activists, it continuously looks down on anyone that supports law enforcement.

In Etna, OH, Thomas DiSario has a flag pole that flies an American flag and the Thin Blue Line flag to honor the death of his son, Steven Eric DiSario. Steven was shot and killed in the line of duty in 2017. Steven's colleagues presented Thomas the flag to honor the heroic actions of his son.

“It’s been flying since the 12th of May 2017,” Thomas said, which was the day his son was killed. "The only time it comes down is if it’s worn out and I buy a new one and put it back up.”

Unbelievably, there were a few people in his neighborhood that took exception to the flag and someone even tried to forcefully remove it.

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On Saturday, Thomas walked out to find an unidentified man trying to take the flag off of his flag pole. 

“I had a gentleman come in my yard, lower the flags, and [he] wiped his face on them. I, in turn, asked him to leave. He would not, and I put him out of my yard.” DiSario said. “He came back … sat on my rock, then he proceeded to get up and take the flags down again, and I stopped him and put him out of my yard.”

As if that ridiculous encounter weren’t enough, the Omni Community Association Managers sent Thomas a letter on Monday asking him to remove the flag because it was a “political sign.”

The OCAM stood by their ridiculous letter saying that Thomas did indeed violate community rules.

“They bought into the community with rules,” community president David Dye said. “He agreed by buying in this community that he can’t display what he wants to display. Sometimes signs masquerade as flags or as light displays, as examples. The board has adopted this and, as a sign, we don’t get to judge what it says.”

That’s the best you can come up with? It’s a sign masquerading as a flag?

Also, why is it all of a sudden a problem? Thomas has been flying this for five years and he is just now being told it goes against community guidelines? How about we give a grieving father some slack and let the flag fly and show our law enforcement officers some respect.

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