Fast Food Worker: We do More Than Paramedics

danjoseph | January 28, 2016
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'How can you support a family if all you're making is minimum wage?" 

This is the type of question posed by liberals who want to increase the minimum wage for low-skilled workers to $15 an hour.

Despite the ridiculousness of their cause, fast food workers continue to demand $15 an hour, insisting that those charged with putting a chicken sandwich in a box marked "chicken sandwich" are deserving of a higher wage than many who have jobs that actually save lives. 

A reporter at a fast food worker rally last November ran into one woman who thought that fast food workers are forced to do "too much," and said that her job was more difficult than that of a paramedic. You know, the guys who rush to people's houses when they have heart attacks and do everything they can to save their lives.

Check her out at 2:42 in the video:

Hat Tip: Twitchy