Far-Left Extremist Group Got Dave Chappelle Minneapolis Show Cancelled, Show Went on at Second Brave Venue

Nick Kangadis | July 21, 2022
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The trans mafia and the cowardly wish-they-were-actually-anti-fascist terrorist activist groups are at it again. This time their target was living legend in the world of stand-up comedy, Dave Chappelle.

Essentially, a bunch of cowards who think they’re tough protested and made a bunch of threats to the theater First Avenue in Minneapolis because they don’t like the jokes Chappelle has made in the past involving the “trans community.” First Avenue cancelled Chappelle’s Wednesday evening performance, but the show went on after the unafraid Varsity Theater told Chappelle he could perform there.

As journalist Andy Ngo reported, an anti-American extremist group on Twitter that goes by MNUPRISING called upon their “comrades” to “Show up tonight to let Dave Chappelle, his fans and First Ave know their hatred isn’t welcome here.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were some people to respond to these terrorists by telling them that if they're going to shut things people like or have a right to down simply because they disagree that they’re not welcome…well, anywhere?

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YouTuber and founder of Timcast Tim Pool brought up a good point on Thursday for those that are less concerned about incidents like this because the show went on, just at another venue.

“Now many may immediately come out and be like, ‘It’s fine. His show got moved. It still happened.’ No way, dude,” Pool said. “We experienced this. This disrupted it. I’m sure people showed up to First Avenue and went, ‘Where’s the show?’ And they were like, ‘It was cancelled.’ ‘Oh,’ and left. That’s the game. It’s attrition.”

He’s absolutely correct. Another term for attrition is the cliche-to-some “slippery slope.” These terrorists masquerading as activists are completely dedicated to their cause. They will keep at it and wear you down, wear you down, wear you down, until eventually you’re so frustrated with having to deal with them that you cave.

The trick is NOT to cave.


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