Fan Obliterates TV After Mexico Gets Eliminated In Group Stage

John Simmons | December 2, 2022
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You’ve heard of throwing your remote at the TV in a rage, but I’ll bet you’ve never seen someone stab their TV with a knife…until today.

After Mexico failed to get out of the group stage of the World Cup for the first time since the 1994 tournament, a dedicated El Tri fan watching Mexico’s 2-1 win over Saudi Arabia (which was still not enough to get them to the knockout stage) began punching his TV in frustration.

But after analyzing the job he did on his flat screen with his fists, the fan decided to complete the job by grabbing a sizable knife and stabbing the unsuspecting television.

Can’t take away points for team commitment from the fan, though the TV’s family might want to file charges for assault and battery.

Mexico’s Group C foes Argentina and Poland were the two teams that advanced to the elimination round, with Argentina playing against Australia on December 3 and Poland facing France the day after.

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