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FAKE NEWS: Video of Woman Using Bleach to Combat Manspreading was Agitprop


The recently viral video where feminists poured bleach on men's crotches to punish "Manspreading" turns out to have been a hoax.

According to New York Post, the viral video, "showing a Russian woman pouring bleach on the crotches of her manspreading compatriots was outed this week as a staged piece of Russian government propaganda."

While many had thought the clip seemed extreme even for modern feminists, what really broke the narrative was the fact that several men came forward saying they were paid to act in this viral video. One such man, Stanislav Kudrin, said via social media that “They poured water on us. Plus I slept in the hood too. Naturally, staged. That feeling when you come to the shooting with two spare pants and leave with a salary,” he typed.

According to EU vs Disinfo, 

"Aftenposten concludes that 'the video was produced by the Russian production company My Duck’s Vision, which pumps out viral videos that combine conspiracies, anti-propaganda, humor and ridicule of Russian community critics”. My Duck’s Vision denied its involvement, in spite of a number of Russian commentators pointing at them as the producers, according to Bumaga.'"

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