FAKE NEWS: No, Maryland Police Aren’t Investigating Kavanaugh


In a fresh bout of fake news Monday, it turns out Maryland police are not – I repeat, not – currently investigating Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh over allegations that he sexually assaulted one woman and exposed himself to a second one during high school and college some 35-odd years ago.

The suggestion that local police were getting involved after a second woman alleged a Kavanaugh-related incident (this time a sketchy recollection that he may have pulled down his pants at a party one time, but the accuser isn’t sure) was first made by the Montgomery County Sentinel, who claimed "Montgomery County investigators" were "looking at" a "potential second sexual assault complaint” in a piece published Monday.

“Investigators in Montgomery County confirmed Monday they’re aware of a potential second sexual assault complaint in the county against former Georgetown Prep student and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh,” the Sentinel reported Monday. “While investigators weren’t specific and spoke on background, they said they are looking at allegations against Kavanaugh during his senior year in high school after an anonymous witness came forward this weekend.”

But that’s not what the local police chief told the Washington Examiner, which reports:

The chief of police in Montgomery County, Md., says his officers are not looking into sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, appearing to contradict a local news report that "investigators" were looking at a potential second high school misconduct allegation. 

"I have spoken with my chief of detectives, and neither of us have any knowledge of anyone coming forward to us to report any allegations involving Judge Kavanaugh," police Chief J. Thomas Manger told the Washington Examiner in an email.

This apparent fake news follows new accusations from former Yale student Deborah Ramirez, who told the New Yorker over the weekend that Kavanaugh once exposed himself during a college party and made her touch his genitals. She added she came to this new revelation “after six days of carefully assessing her memories."

Then again, Ramirez also noted that she’s not entirely sure it was Kavanaugh who’d dropped trou (largely because she admits she was drunk as a skunk when the alleged incident happened nearly four decades ago), so she spent a few days calling around to her former Yale buddies to see if they recalled seeing the now-SCOTUS nominee flash his cash ‘n prizes.  So far, no dice – but dozens of women have come forward to provide character witnesses for Kavanaugh, whom they've described as nothing but a “gentleman" during his early adult years.

But despite Ramirez's sketchy memory of a 35-year-old incident that apparently required a week’s worth of soul-searching and meditation to even remember, much less assign blame to, we’re to believe this incident unquestioningly involved Kavanaugh and was so traumatic that the FBI should investigate it post-haste -- along with the accusations from Christine Ford, who claimed Kavanaugh assaulted her at a high school party, despite all three of her named witnesses having denied ever being at said party.

And if that's confusing, perhaps it's no wonder. After all, it looks like it’s become a nearly insurmountable task for the news media to get even basic facts about this supposed “case” correct – such as whether police are investigating it.

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