Faith Based Group Targets Biden With $9M Campaign Focused On Swing Voters

Max Dugan | September 24, 2020
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Debate over Biden's orthodoxy regarding his Catholic faith continues to rage on, with Catholic Vote, "a national faith-based advocacy organization,"  launching a $9.7 Million campaign in vital swing states, hoping to reach at least 5 million Catholic voters.

Catholic Vote plans to to reach this goal by way of "digital advertising, parish-by-parish canvassing, direct mail features, and GOTV initiatives in six states." The campaign's first attempt at this move will be a $350,000 digital ad campaign aiming to sway Catholic voters in Michigan and Pennsylvania. 

With the media acting as staunch defenders of Biden's faith and others arguing that Biden's political career does not line up with his professed faith, the campaign has been controversial among the wider public.

H/T True Pundit

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