Failed Far-Left House Candidate from Fla. Calls First Amendment Protections 'A Cancer' on America

Nick Kangadis | November 17, 2020
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The far-left doesn’t seem to care about hiding their anti-American agenda anymore in the aftermath of the majority of the 2020 election cycle. One failed candidate has even gone so far as to classify the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as a “cancer” on our country.

Failed Democratic U.S. House candidate for Florida’s 18th District Pam Keith took to Twitter late Sunday evening to respond to a Vanity Fair reporter who tweeted that “right-wing media…pumps its viewers full of lies” and that those on the right suffer from “Delusion.”

Keith responded by writing of her disappointment that the left can’t seem to “shut the disinformation machine down.”

That’s when Keith wrote of “a cancer,” referring to how the U.S. “will not survive” should “we keep allowing FoxNews [sic] & OAN to function.”

Here’s the tweet:

So Keith doesn’t seem to have a problem with attacking the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as long as it feeds her narrative and shuts down any news or speech that doesn’t fall in line with her way of thinking.

You would think a former Navy JAG (Judge Advocate General) officer would understand the importance of the Constitution and the Amendments within it, especially the First Amendment.

Keith soundly lost her bid to represent Florida’s 18th District in the November 3 election to Republican Rep. Brian Mast.