FAIL: Colbert Criticizes Trump's Off-Prompter D-Day Comments While Reading a Prompter

Nick Kangadis | June 7, 2019
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Sometimes we hear a joke so stupid that it just proves the far-left has no idea what comedy is anymore. The interesting part is that they typically think they’re being “edgy” and “cool,” when in reality the jokes they come up with only serve the establishment media and elites who look down on other people, like Trump supporters.

On Thursday, late-night hack — I mean host — Stephen Colbert told a joke that bears repeating for the sole reason of how incredibly hypocritical it was. “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” host was performing the beginning of his monologue, and he spoke about President Donald Trump’s widely applauded D-Day speech earlier in the day.

Take a look at the joke, in context, below:


The joke was pretty pedestrian. It wasn’t Colbert’s worst joke ever, but there was one part that I find particularly funny — and not in a good way for Colbert:

Today is a solemn day. It’s the anniversary of D-Day, when we beat the Nazis, once and for all, until very recently. Pretty good run, you have to say, 75 years.

President Trump was in Normandy to commemorate the occasion. He gave a speech that was by all accounts— and I hope I’m saying this right— presidential? Haven’t seen that word in a while. That came to a screeching halt once he wasn’t reading someone else’s words.

So Colbert, and his writers, thought it would be hilarious to criticize Trump when he “wasn’t reading someone else’s words. That’s pretty rich considering Colbert was literally reading a joke his writers wrote for him on a teleprompter.

See if you can wrap your head around that much stupid.

It’s fine to joke or criticize the president, no matter who is in office at the time. That’s part of free speech. But when that tactic is your “go-to” topic for pretty much every monologue you’ve give for the past three years, your act becomes stale and will eventually turn people off from the repetitiveness of said act.