FACT: More People In the U.S. Are Killed By Criminal Aliens Each Year Than Are Shot to Death With AR-15s

Brittany M. Hughes | January 11, 2019
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Picture this: according to the numbers, illegal immigration is far more deadly to Americans than AR-15s. Which is ironic, considering which of these Democrats love to rant against, and which one they so desperately want to protect.


According to the FBI, between 2012 and 2016, an average of 295 murder victims were shot to death with rifles each year, rifles that include so-called “assault weapons” like the big scary AR-15.

Now, it’s impossible to know exactly how many Americans and legal immigrants are murdered by illegal aliens each year because literally no one keeps track. However, even a 2018 Snopes article that argued in favor of illegal aliens estimated that according to reports from the Government Accountability Office, a conservative average of 456 criminal aliens are arrested for homicide every year.

Now for the sake of argument, let’s assume each of these aliens only killed one person. Let’s also assume each one of the rifles used to murder somebody was an “assault weapon” like an AR, and that each one was fired by an American citizen. This would still mean that according to the data we do have, an average of 161 more people are killed each year in the United States by illegal aliens than are shot to death with rifles like the AR-15 - an increase of 35 percent. That number becomes even greater when you include Americans killed by illegal alien drunk driving or internationally smuggled drugs.

We have to estimate because there’s still no database that tracks how many people are killed each year by criminals who shouldn’t even be here. What we do know for sure is that according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, more than 158,000 illegal aliens were arrested by immigration officials in fiscal year 2018 alone. Together, they tallied over half a million individual criminal charges and convictions, including 2,028 charges for homicide.

Another 81,000 or so were for DUIs, more than 76,000 were for drug crimes. There were about 51,000 assaults, almost 13,000 burglaries, nearly 12,000 weapons offenses, over 5,000 sexual assaults, and more than 2,000 kidnappings. And those are just the big crimes.

If so-called “assault weapons” like the AR-15 are so dangerous that Democrats want to strip millions of Americans of their legal, constitutionally protected right to own them, then why don’t they show the same concern over illegal aliens who’ve proven to be far more of a threat? Why do they target inanimate objects, but pass laws that deliberately release countless criminal aliens back into our communities to victimize millions of law-abiding citizens? When a person is shot with a scary-looking rifle, it’s cause for national outrage and the demonization of 6 million NRA members. But when an illegal alien kills a cop, we get radio silence.

Consider this: the week before Christmas, an illegal alien in California named Gustavo Garcia went on a crazy crime spree during which he shot and wounded several people, killed another, carjacked a truck and led police on a high-speed chase that included a highway shootout and ended in a deadly car crash that left four other people hurt and one in critical condition, all after being freed from jail thanks to the state’s sanctuary policies.

At the same time, California has some of the strictest gun control laws on the books and is upping restrictions on rifles like the AR-15 because it’s been deemed “too dangerous” to be owned by law-abiding legal citizens.

But it’s pretty clear that the things the left targets in the name of public safety have nothing to do with what actually harms Americans, and everything to do with politics. And it’s not hard to see why rifles get a bad rap while Democrats argue for open borders and let dangerous criminal aliens walk free – after all, AR-15s will never be able to vote.


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