Facebook Reportedly Banning All Pictures and Video From Capitol Protests, Promotes 'Criminal Activity'

Nick Kangadis | January 7, 2021
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It’s not just the radical media anymore. Social media companies seem to be actively curating the content on their platforms to fit whatever narrative it is they’re looking to push. Twitter suspended President Donald Trump after Wednesday’s sad activities at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. But, that’s not all.

According to Bloomberg reporter Sarah Frier, Facebook noted on Wednesday that they will attempt to remove “all photos and videos posted from the protest because at this point they are promoting criminal activity.”

I don’t condone what happened at the Capitol one bit. But, could Facebook be any more hypocritical? I don’t remember them taking very much down of the literal riots and looting that ravaged cities across the U.S. over the summer of 2020.

The caveat is that you’ll still see plenty of “photos and videos” from the protest…buuuuut only from pre-approved media that Facebook totally trusts because they would never deal in propaganda…right? Anyone? Oh well.

This is just part for the course for a radical media and social media that has taken it upon themselves to mold and shape a narrative for every single thing of any consequence that happens in our society.

Think “Newspeak.”

According to The Federalist, Facebook also banned a video of Trump from Wednesday in which he called for peace. 

Nero is past tuning up his fiddle at this point.

H/T: The Federalist

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