Facebook Bites Back After Biden Claims 'They’re Killing People'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | July 19, 2021
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Well, well, well…

It seems as if the speech-silencing overlords at Facebook are getting a taste of their own bitter and truth-killing medicine. And they’re not happy about it.

On Friday, July 16, as the U.S. President left the White House, a reporter asked Joe Biden what he thought of social media site Facebook allegedly not silencing dissident posts to stop so-called “disinformation” about the political football of COVID-19. 

Biden’s response about Facebook?

They’re killing people. The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated.

Which, working from the back-end, is pretty egregiously wrong, and also assumes that Facebook already has not been doing what the leftists in U.S. politics want: silencing dissent.

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Indeed, on Thursday, White House propagandist Jen Psaki told reporters that the Bidenistas were “working with” Facebook to flag what she called “disinformation” to have it removed and to track those seeing it.

Because, evidently, she’s a big fan of fascism – the union of government and corporate powers – and sees freedom of speech as a deadly pathogen, itself.

So, despite Psaki already telling reporters that the Biden administration was engaging in fascism with Facebook to silence what the politicians call “disinformation” – an irony if ever there was one – Biden spouted his flip remark that Facebook was “killing people” for not censoring enough.

This didn’t sit well with the Facebook brass who’ve helped carry his filthy water.

As Emma Newburger writes for CNBC, Facebook vociferously struck back, with Guy Rosen, Facebook’s “President of Integrity” (we’ll pause for your laughter to subside) calling it “finger pointing” and saying that folks should “move past” that.

Which all seems like a dark form of poetic justice – a Shakespearian-level tragi-comedy within the ranks of the deceitful and corrupt -- since, along with tech giants Google and Twitter, Facebook routinely has engaged in purging, silencing, and manipulating liberty-leaning users and the factual content they’ve tried to share. As far back as 2018, Facebook without warning purged 800 conservative and libertarian/anti-war pages.

Heck, in January of this year, Facebook banned me for a month, without ever citing me for any errant post, and without ever giving me an explanation. It also restricts the reach of my posts such that my friends don’t see them despite me maintaining my own interaction with them.

So, can anyone really feel sympathy for Facebook’s execs or laxative-minded supporters after the tech giant has so dutifully done the bidding of this leftist political mafia? Can one really feel bad for tech rodentia that’s been a flunky for political mobsters now that those mobsters have smacked it with a few inflammatory words?

Not a chance.

The Facebook overlords are, as you read this, working with Jen Psaki’s pals to target you in a way George Orwell would find vile. They are engaging in fascism and speech policing, in the redefinition of words and the destruction of truth, and, suddenly, when they receive a tiny, three-word taste of their own mendacious medicine, they flip out.

Perhaps they might want to reconsider their censorious positions and love of collectivism, because, as Biden showed them in just a few words, they, too, are just pawns in the dangerous political game.

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