Facebook and TikTok Flag Babylon Bee's 'Pregnant Ken Doll' Spoof

P. Gardner Goldsmith | July 5, 2022
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It’s safe to say that we live in the Humpty Dumpty era. Humpty was, of course, the haughty royal egg-man in Lewis Carroll’s 1871 novel “Through the Looking Glass” who stressed the importance of political power to control the language, and, thus, to control society.

In a razor-sharp cut on that dishonest M.O., Carroll wrote this exchange between Alice and the egg:

“’When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’
’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’
’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.’”

And because 21st Century America sees so much of our lives invaded by government at virtually every level, we also see Humpty’s disdainful attitude manifested in the ever-more politicized society, especially in social media, where, now, even a spoof video about a doll has incurred the ire of the thought police.

The sister site of humor legend “The Babylon Bee” reports that a comedic take on transgender LARPing has been deemed VERBOTEN by the meta-hive at Facebook/Meta and also on China-based TikTok.

Harris Rigby notes, for Not The Bee:

“Our beloved brothers over at The Babylon Bee just touched a nerve with Facebook by getting a little too close to reality and making a video about a pregnant Ken doll.”

And he offers what Babylon Bee Editor-in-Chief Kyle Mann reported June 30, on Twitter:

“Facebook has flagged our @thebabylonbee page for sharing false information, saying our ‘overall distribution’ could be reduced for the infraction. This was for our ‘Mattel Introduces Pregnant Ken Doll’ video…”

The vid, based on a May print piece and embedded in the aforementioned Not The Bee article, is packed with sly and sarcastic reuses of infamous woke-speak and transgender terminology, including many of the goofball denials of reality often spouted by postmodernist cultural Marxists who not only would like to pretend that men can be women and women can be men, but who also have used multi-media, retail sales, universities, and tax-funded public schools to drill the sex-confusion idiocy into the heads of kids.

Among the wry scenes, we see and hear the jingle for “Pregnant Ken” and get:

“His belly lets you know he’s pregnant! And his beard lets you know he’s a MAN!”


“Because MEN can get pregnant, just like women! In fact, there’s no definition of ‘women!’ We literally have no idea what a woman is.”

All of which might have passed the Facebook censor column, but those pesky pranksters at the Bee went further, adding a ne’er-do-well doll to the mock ad: a FEMALE who wants to rain on Pregnant Ken’s proverbial parade.

“Men can’t get pregnant!” says the hand-held lady-doll to “Ken,” adding, “Hey! Wait a minute! You’re just a woman on hormones!”

Likely that truth didn’t sit well with the Meta Marxists.

And the next line also might have upset their candy-wrapper craniums. As human hands manipulate the dolls and show the exposed “Ken baby belly,” we hear:

“Tell your birthing people to buy you a Pregnant Ken today! Because why should women be the only ones who can experience the miracle of getting an ABORTION?!”

Curiously, the Babylon Bee satire not only is intensely funny, it’s also disturbing, delivering in under two minutes a sense of just how evil is the woke-trans attack on childhood and Christian ethics.

And it hit too close to home for TikTok and Facebook, which, notes Not The Bee’s Rigby:

“Facebook also threatened that, because of this obvious joke, they would further throttle The Bee's reach on Facebook (a tough task as Bee CEO Seth Dillon points out).”

Dillon observed that it’s going to be hard for Facebook to further stifle the Bee, because it already has brought the Bee’s reach on the dinosaur platform to such an ant-low level.

On Twitter, Dillon observed:

“I'm not sure how they could reduce our distribution any more than they already have.”

Well, surely, Facebook will try, because it seems like Humpty Zuckerberg lacks both a sense of humor and an interest in debate to discover truth.

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Of course, the Facebook reaction is rife with perplexing questions.

After all, America is in Woke Wonderland already – from individuals adopting the goofball plural “they” as their “preferred pronoun” (have fun being admitted to an emergency room under that foolish guise of plurality), to what seems like every new drama destroying the suspension of disbelief by showing us their corporate board room decisions to make virtually every other character gay, bi, trans, or some other “representational” figure that services politics, not story.

Heck, on Friday, July 1, outgoing “Justice” Stephen Breyer delivered the oath of office to incoming replacement Ketanji Brown Jackson – an oath which didn’t include one mention of the US Constitution, and never questioned the fact that, in March, Jackson told Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) that she could not define the word “woman.”

As I noted at the time, one wonders if that means Justice Jackson will recuse herself from any and all cases dealing with things like the improperly federalized issue of “sexual equality” and constitution-defying mandates such as “Title IX.”

And one wonders if Facebook will flag any and all videos of, and references to, that exchange.

After all, the gist of it is no different than the Babylon Bee’s satirical “Pregnant Ken” spoof.

I think we know the answer to that, because this is Woke Wonderland, and the Facebook division of its many tentacled corporate leviathan will censor and silence according to its Woke Whim… just like Humpty Dumpty.

Because it’s not about fairness or truth or debate.

It’s about political control.

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