'F*** You': Cali School Board President Caught Cursing At an Anti-Mask Mom

Brittany M. Hughes | October 29, 2021
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School boards across the country have made no effort to hide their disdain for American parents.

From ignoring parents' complaints over mask mandates to covering up sexual assault of students to demanding that parents reveal their home addresses as a condition of being allowed to speak at board meetings, some public school administrators are doing everything in their power to push back against parents wanting to regain control of their kids’ education from a system that’s long since decided they are obsolete.

And that hatred couldn’t be more clear than in a new video from California, where one school board president was caught on a hot mic issuing expletives at a parent who dared to speak out against facemask and vaccination mandates.

Lauren Roupoli, a mom in the Los Alamitos Unified School District near Long Beach, took her moment before the school board to decry mask mandates and said she would just as vocally oppose vaccination mandates, should the school begin requiring jabs for students now that the COVID vaccine has been approved for kids as young as five.

After a few moments, Board President Marlys Davidson informed Roupoli that her time on the floor had expired – just before her still-on microphone caught her muttering “f*** you” under her breath.

Watch the stunning exchange below:




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