'F*** White People' Deemed Not Racist or Hate Speech by S. African Judge


Apparently, it’s now okay to be racist toward white people in South Africa, and you won’t be called a racist for it!

A judge in South Africa ruled on Tuesday that art or posters displaying the message “F*** White People” aren’t to be considered racist or hate speech.

According to the South African newspaper Mail & Guardian:

The posters, which were covered with the words Fuck White People in black-and-white all caps letters, has been on display since 2016 alongside a chair and “goldendeanboots” as part of an exhibition called The Art of Disruptions at the gallery. The work was created by Dean Hutton, a Masters student in fine art at the University of Cape Town who wore a suit with the same print publicly before Iziko approached them.

The Cape Party sought an order for the Cape Town magistrate’s court to declare that the posters are hate speech and racist because they violate the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act. But Magistrate [Daniel] Thulare dismissed their case.

The magistrate, however, declared the poster wasn't racist was because it was art that could actually unite the people of South Africa.

“If there is one thing that the work has achieved, through this complaint and others to which my attention has been drawn if this matter, is to draw South Africans to a moment of self-reflection, if we are serious about building one nation, one collective with the same values and agreed principles,” Thulare said in his judgment.

How in the blue hell does promoting racism to the masses possibly unite people in any way?

Hint: It doesn’t.

If there’s one thing that radical liberals and Socialists around the world need to get through their thick skulls, it’s that white people can be victims of racism and discrimination just like any other race out there.

If anyone said “F*** [insert race here] people” about any other denomination in the world, it would be an almost absolute certainty that the person would be labeled as racist or charged with hate speech.

How about instead of being ignorant imbeciles on daily basis, we just leave each other alone, and let people live their lives within the law, regardless of race? Just a thought.

H/T: Heat Street

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