Ezra Klein Attacks Hearings On Radical Islam

Stephen Gutowski | March 7, 2011
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Watch this clip from today's Morning Joe and tell me that Ezra "The Nazis Had Some Good Ideas" Klein isn't willfully ignorant about the threat of radical islam in America:

See? Willfully ignorant. I mean not only does he pretend that Ft. Hood was the only home grown attack fueled by a radical islamic worldview but he also tries to equate other random and unconnected shootings with radical islamic attacks.

I guess in Ezra's world when there are attacks or thwarted attacks in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, DC, Texas, Washington, and so on that involve Americans who are motivated by the same twisted view of a religion its really no big deal and needs no further thought or investigation. After all that is exactly the same as other violent acts that are completely unrelated in their motivation or something. Nothing to see here... move along.

Of course he also goes on to basically claim that Republican Representative King is trying to persecute all Muslims by investigating radical islam or something. Really the only way you could come to that conclusion, since even Rep King is careful to point out hes only interesting in the small number of Muslims who are radical, is if you're willfully ignorant. Its absurd.

Anyway, I guess the take away from all of this is that Ezra Klein is willfully ignorant.