EXCULSIVE: Pro-Life Leader Says the Tide's Turning Against Abortion

Nick Kangadis | August 11, 2017
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Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, didn't always advocate for life. But, like so many Americans today, the humanity of the unborn simply became too undeniable for her to ignore -- a fact Dannenfelser says is now turning the societal tide against abortion.

Dannenfelser, now a staunch defender of the right to life, told MRCTV in an exclusive interview that she used to be pro-choice.

“The reason I got away with my pro-choice position was that I never really looked straight at that child and said, ‘What is that, and do you have rights that balance with the mom?’” she said.

And Dannenfelser isn't the only one. Recent polls show that while about a third of Americans still think abortion should be legal across the board, a majority of people strongly support restrictions on abortions after the first trimester -- a trend that corresponds with scientific advancements in our understanding of fetal development and prenatal care. 

Despite an advanced understanding of the biological facts surrounding unborn babies, the SBA List president slammed the media for twisting the abortion debate into some faux noble crusade for “women’s health”

"If the only thing you ever hear is what MSNBC and CNN have to say about the abortion issue, you’d get the idea that women’s health equals abortion,” Dannenfelser said.

Dannenfelser’s assertion can be validated merely by looking at the Women’s March on Washington that took place back in January. The rally placed Planned Parenthood, the nation’s number one abortion provider, at the forefront of the women's rights campaign, inseparably equating a society full of healthy women with one that kills its unborn babies.

But despite what the media force-feeds us, and what certain politicians would have us believe, Dannenfelser says the tide is turning in the abortion debate. Dannenfelser told MRCTV that the work the Media Research Center (MRC) and other pro-life organizations like the SBA List have been doing are changing people’s perception of what abortion actually is.

“The truth is, people have been moved, and change is happening now,” Dannenfelser said.

More and more stories affirming the sanctity of life are making national headlines and catching the public eye, Dannenfelser said. Take the recent tragic case of the late Charlie Gard, for example. Charlie was an infant born in London with a rare genetic condition that caused severe brain damage. After months of legal battles, an EU court ruled against Charlie's parents, mandating that he be removed from life support -- despite his parents' wishes, and despite the possibility of an experimental treatment option in the United States that could have saved his life.

The story made global news, and catapulted into the spotlight the debate over human dignity and the right to life.

“With that consolidation of power in the hands of a few to decide the fate of the weak, the weak suffer every single time,” Dannenfelser said, “and certainly that is exactly what happened in the case of Charlie Gard.”

Check out MRCTV's exclusive interview for yourself in the video above.