EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Supporter Interrupts Milo Yiannopoulos Q&A at American Univ.

Tim Dionisopoulos | April 22, 2016
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An apparent supporter of the “Black Lives Matter” movement interrupted a Q&A session by Breitbart Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos, who spoke at American University Thursday night. Yiannopoulos’ provocative talk focused on free speech issues and feminism, garnering a protest outside the building in which he was speaking. A few protesters even attempted to interrupt the event during Yiannopoulos' speech.

As the Q&A session wrapped up, one protester jumped to the front of the line and demanded to know why Yiannopoulos thinks Black Lives Matter is equivalent to "black supremacy."

"Why do you equate the 'Black Lives Matter' movement with black supremacy? Black people have never been supreme in America," the protester said.

Another attendee at the event screamed, "That's white supremacy right there! You won't even give him the f---ing mic."

Yiannopoulos offered to talk with the protester afterward during a meet-and-greet, but refused to answer his question as the Q&A session was ending.

"You're standing up and demanding special treatment. Now sir, the questions are over. You're demanding to be heard on the basis of, what, if I don't answer a question I’m racist?" asked Yiannopoulos.

"You're hate speech," the protester responded.

Watch the full exchange for yourself here:

Breitbart has a full writeup of the event.

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