Exclusive Shapiro Video: 'No One Cares if You Majored in Lesbian Dance Theory'

Nick Kangadis | March 31, 2016

A "form of Fascism" is being used to intimidate, threaten and silence conservative views on the nation's college campuses, Ben Shapiro, editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire told MRCTV in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

Students with views dissenting from liberal dogma are subjected to vitriolic name-calling, censorship, and even punishment by the university, Shapiro said - adding that the current campus climate even condones violence against those with conservative views:

"The idea is that if you disagree with the prevailing liberal orthodoxy, leftist orthodoxy I should say, then that makes you a bad person. ‘You’re a racist, sexist, bigoted homophobe. You need to be shut down. You’re hurting people’s feelings. The space is no longer safe. You’re triggering people. You’re micro-aggressing people. Violence or university measures are justified against you.’

"All of this is a soft form of fascism, and in some cases a not-so-soft form of fascism."

Shapiro recently experienced this type of campus bullying first-hand when liberal student protesters at California State at Los Angeles disrupted his speech, blocking the entrance, setting off a fire alarm, and trapping attendees inside the auditorium.

In his MRCTV interview, Shapiro warned about the dangers of students with these “dangerous” ideologies that advocate force against dissent when they enter into the U.S. political system:

"When you indoctrinate an entire generation in the idea that any offense to their feelings must be met with some sort of campus force either organized or unorganized, either official or unofficial, that’s very dangerous stuff to pour into the American political system."

Asked to explain why the university system is “weighed so much to one side,” Shapiro said that leftist activism has been expanding its influence on campus for decades - but, that it is coming back to bite the liberals who were once student activists, but now are in positions of authority:

"Well, because the college campuses were taken over in the ‘60s by the left, and they’ve never let up since then. The only thing that is somewhat funny about all of this is that all of the administrators who were thrown out of the buildings in the 1960s were replaced by the protesters, and those protesters are now the administrators.

"Now, they’re going to be tossed out and replaced by the next generation of protesters. In other words, the revolution always eats its own."

Shapiro also explains that these indoctrinated students will be hit with a harsh slap in the face by the real world when they graduate and try to earn a living.

“When they get to the job market, no one cares if you majored in Lesbian Dance Theory,” said Shapiro. “You don’t get a six figure job.”

Watch Shapiro's full comments on this topic below:

To watch the full interview with Ben Shapiro, click here.