Ex-Hillary Aide/Port Authority Commissioner Resigns After Bullying Officers During Traffic Stop

Nick Kangadis | April 25, 2018
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Some people just don’t know when shut their mouths.

Normally, I’m never in favor of someone losing their job over something they say. But when someone uses their position of influence to talk down to people, that’s when I have a problem.

Former Hillary Clinton aide, Democratic lobbyist and now-former Port Authority Commissioner of New York and New Jersey Caren Turner caused an unnecessary scene over Easter weekend, and police dash cam video of the altercation has now been made public by the Tenafly Police Department in New Jersey.

Turner’s daughter was a passenger in a friend’s car that was pulled over because of an expired registration and tinted windows. Because of the lack of registration, the car was ordered to be towed and impounded.

Turner’s daughter called her mother to pick them up from the scene. The traffic stop was over, the cops had already explained to the young adults why what was happening was happening and the young adults seemed to take it in stride.

That’s when Turner comes in.

Right off the bat, Turner approaches the officers and tries to use her influence and position to get to the bottom of the situation. Turner was rude, confrontational and self-righteous.

“You may shut the f*ck up,” Turner told one of the officers at one point in the video.

Here’s the video:


Ugh! Luckily, an investigation was opened into the matter, but Turner resigned before the investigation could be completed. The officials in charge of the investigation said that Turner displayed “profoundly disturbing conduct.”

Despite the classlessness put on display by Turner in this situation, at least justice was served — both by the extremely composed officers and Turner’s resignation.

Take your “influence” somewhere else.

H/T: nj.com